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Stuart Pearcey

Because good copywriting means business


Words are the most powerful business tool, because no deal is done without them.

Words matter. I've been a professional words man for 40 years, and writing copy thrills me as much today as it ever did.

I've written for national, local and regional media; I've written for Chief Executives; I've advised authors and written for charities. I've written for print and for the web. I've written news, features, brochures, leaflets, media releases and advertising.

Now I'm available to write for you. To design for you. To produce your print. To be part of your team. Call me.


What I can do

... to make your life easier

  • Can I write new text for your new web site?
  • Certainly
  • Do you need some media releases?
  • No problem
  • Can I advise on the tone of voice used in your marketing materials?
  • Of course
  • Do you need print designed with flair and creativity?
  • I'm your man
  • No pictures for your print project?
  • I'll take them or source them
  • Looking for a cost-effective printer?
  • I work with a number of great people


Your story

… told most effectively

The words in your marketing materials reflect the quality of your organisation. On the web, search engine optimisation will help you to be found; telling your story clearly and concisely will make those who find you want to do business with you.

Net surfers crave instant information. I'll deliver it for you.


What else?

… because i'll always deliver more

I can work with your web designer to bring more traffic to your website
I create concepts for advertising
I write and design for print
I source appropriate pictures
I broker print
I provide mentoring and editorial consultancy
I care as much about you and your reputation as I do about me and my own


How much?

… because you deserve value

Look at it this way – what will it cost to have words, design and pictures that don't tell your story? How much you'll pay for my services depends on what you need - but I'll always deliver value for your money. You'll be charged only for time I spend on your work, and I'll work as quickly as humanly possible without cutting corners, because my time is your money.

If the phone rings, the clock stops. That way you get the best possible value.

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Don't take my word for it

"Hire him, you'd be daft not to."

Emma Spearing, Hazel PR

"Adds value with innovative thinking and excellent copy-writing skills."

Barrie Holden, Fire Protection Centre

"Overall one of the few good guys with a high level of capability that can be trusted!"

Dave Staddon, Technology Manager, Semis and Rods, Tata Steel


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